Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Protractor Resources

Protractor allows Selenium to test Angular Web Applications.  Without Protractor, Selenium cannot see the Angular DOM.  Protractor.NET is a wrapper around Selenium Web Driver.  Protractor.NET differs from regular Protractor in that Protractor.NET can be used within C# instead of JavaScript.  

Main Sites


Developing Protractor Tests in C#

Introduction to Protractor

Testing with Protractor

Writing End to End Tests with Protractor

Protractor.JS Example



Pluralsite: Introduction to Protractor

QAShahin: AngularJS Protractor

Jim Lavin:  An Introduction to AngularJS End to End Testing with Protractor

Julie Ralph End to End Angular Testing with Protractor

HellowWorldSeries: Introduction to Protractor

David Mosher:  Testing Strategies for Angular JS

Tony Alicea: Programming AngularJS and Protractor

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