Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TypeScript Resources


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript.  It improves upon JavaScript by adding type safety, namespaces, and scope.  You can actually rename a .js JavaScript file to .ts and it will function the same.  TypeScript will transpile into JavaScript.  TypeScript is created by the great Anders Hejlsberg who created TurboPascal, Delphi, and C#.  You will find it feels similar to C#, although the syntax is different, a lot of the concepts and keywords are the same.

Main Site

Try Out TypeScript online!



Andres Hejlsberg:  Introducing TypeScript

Why use TypeScript instead of just using JavaScript?

TypeScript Jump Start

TypeScript: From Zero to Hero

What's New in TypeScript

Anders Hejlsberg on TypeScript 2

TypeScript Fundamentals

TypeScript and Angular 2

TypeScript Definition Files

Quick References

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