Friday, January 3, 2014

A Diet and Exercise Plan That Really Works

If you are like me, it is easy to pack up the pounds when you are sitting at a desk all day.  My evening activities such as playing video games with the kids, watching TV, and paying bills burn little calories.  I love chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and Mountain Dew.  I eat so much chocolate, that if I am injured I would probably bleed chocolate.  Frankly I find exercise boring.  I am putting a stake in the ground to change.  I have a S.M.A.R.T. goal to lose 30 lbs by June so that I can ride the Raptor Roller Coaster at Cedar Point with my daughter Crystal.  This is not a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  It is specific.  Losing weight is 90% mental.  The last time I visited Cedar Point, I didn’t fit in the seat for the Raptor.  It was quite a letdown since that is my second favorite Roller Coaster.  My favorite Roller Coaster is The Beast at King’s Island.

So how am I going to lose all this weight?  The South Beach Diet.  I know it works because I lost 20 lbs on it before.  I became re-addicted to unhealthy food because we got bored with the recipes.  This time I will press through it.  There are also a lot more low-carb cookbooks out there now.  I am way too heavy and I am going to start having health issues if I don’t do something.  I want to be around to give the hands of my daughters away in marriage and see my grand kids.

The South Beach Diet

I have a secondary goal after that.  I want to lose 40 lbs by August.  Zoombeezi Bay has a weight limit on its tube slides.  I am way over the limit.  It was really disheartening this past summer when I had to watch my daughter go all the way up the stairs and then go down the slides by herself because I was too big.  

Here I am at 286 LBS.  I am 6’2” with a BMI of 36.7 which makes me Obese.

Here are the things that I am going to do to ensure that I will have success with the diet:
Follow the diet.  The first two weeks of South Beach are very difficult.  I am going to press through it.
  1. Ensure I have a surplus of healthy snacks.
  2. Exercise with my kids by playing Kinect.
  3. Exercise by walking the dog.   
  4. Exercise by serving my wife by doing household chores
  5. Join a Volleyball or Dodge ball Meetup after winter

Things that have helped me before when executing the South Beach Diet
  • Budget extra money when buying groceries.  That 50 cent box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is inexpensive and delicious but it is so bad for you.  Healthy food will be more expensive.
  • Budget extra time to prepare meals and snacks.  Sure, it takes 30 seconds to go through the drive through to get a Big Mac and another 30 seconds to woof it down.  Cutting up and cooking vegetables and lean meats will take time.
  • Buy other low carb cookbooks so that you will stay on the diet.  Definitely buy the Orange South Beach cookbook.  Be careful of high fat low carb recipes. 
  • Have emergency healthy snacks; in the glove box of the car, at home, in your cube at work.  Some good ideas are beef jerky, nuts, Fiber One Bars, fruit. 
  • Mentally accept that all the sugar and carbs you are eating is making you fat.  After the first two weeks of the South Beach diet, your taste for sugar will change.  The food and beverage industry wants you to be addicted to sugar.  It is food crack for the body. 
  • Mentally accept that everyone around you will continue to remain addicted to sugar and carbs.  This is something you need to do for yourself to live!  People will think that you are weird when you order vegetables at a restaurant. 
  • If you fall off the diet, get back on as soon as you can.  There are times when you go to eat with family or at a party where there are no good food choices.  Eat as healthy as you can then get back on the diet.
  • Recognize that you are fat.  If you get any fatter, you will probably have a heart attack and die.  Then your wife will die of a broken heart.  Cats and dogs will start living together.  Then the earth will fall into the sun.  Chaos.

I will be blogging again in June when I have reached my goal.  I am accountable to all my readers.
So what about you?  If you are reading this, you must be interested in losing weight.  Don’t just sit on the couch, eat Cheddar Cheese Pringles and watch episodes of the Biggest Loser.  Set a specific weight goal then do it.  Buy the South Beach diet book.  Buy the healthy food.  Prepare the healthy food.  Eat the healthy food.  Get to a healthy weight.  While you are at it, vacuum the house as exercise.  Your wife will be happy too.  

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